We make it easy to tackle any big data problem.

With TidalScale's Software-Defined Servers, you can flexibly allocate existing low-cost infrastructure so you'll always have enough computer to fit your data set.


In the modern data center, storage, networking and other assets are designed to expand and grow as workloads change over time. But servers are fixed resources.

That's a problem when unexpected spikes in transactions, seasonal fluctuations in business activity, rapid growth in data size and complexity, and other factors overwhelm typical servers.

What the modern data center needs is the ability to right-size a server on the fly to fit any data set. Yet until now, that’s been impossible. So organizations either invest in costly larger systems or lose valuable time to recoding workloads so they can run across clusters. On premise or in the cloud, they lack the flexibility to right-size their servers.

Maximize Flexibility on Premise or in the Cloud

TidalScale’s Software-Defined Servers change all that. With TidalScale, you can use existing servers to create, on demand and without any modification, one or more servers of virtually any size. Creating a Software-Defined Server with TidalScale is fast, easy and flexible. As a result, you can achieve results sooner while driving down the cost of owning of your existing infrastructure.

Deploy TidalScale to:

  • Achieve results sooner by applying all the resources necessary to tackle your big data problem without sharding.
  • Drive down the cost of owning your existing infrastructure, adding unlimited flexibility to your data center without rearchitecting it.
  • Better manage software licensing costs by accessing all the memory you need, with only the cores you require.
  • Scale large or shifting workloads across virtually any population of commodity servers – no coding or hardware investment required.
  • Aggregate your existing servers – including all their associated memory, cores, storage, I/O and networking – to run as a single system.
  • Scale up or down as your needs change and to fit any data set.
  • Maximize your IT investments and extend the life of aging systems, Gain the operational benefits of true on-demand scalability without the need for additional hardware. 

Learn more about how TidalScale’s acclaimed implementation of Software-Defined Servers can bring new levels of flexibility into your data center or cloud environment.