A flexible solution for quickly and easily solving your biggest data problems.

TidalScale's Software-Defined Servers allow you to flexibly allocate resources so you'll always have enough computer for the task at hand.


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 When big data problems outclass available resources, some make investments in new hardware while others lose time-to-insight as they rewrite code to run across clusters. Still others settle for limiting the size of their problem to fit the constraints of available resources, which only results in incomplete analyses and modeling.

Now from TidalScale comes a smarter solution: Software-Defined Servers that deliver in-memory performance at any scale so you can solve memory-intensive problems faster and more easily than ever before. Software-Defined Servers are self-optimizing, use standard hardware, and are compatible with all applications and operating systems. They offer a revolutionary way to pool multiple commodity systems into a single virtual system that flexibly matches the size of your data problem allowing it to be run completely in-memory.  

More flexibility to meet your changing demands.  Use your existing servers – including all their associated memory, CPUs, storage, I/O and networking – to run as a single system. Scale up or down as your needs change. Maximize your IT investments while realizing the operational benefits of true on-demand scalability without the need for additional hardware. And with TidalScale, you can achieve all this without a single modification to your OS or application.

Learn more about TidalScale’s groundbreaking implementation of Software-Defined Servers. And discover how TidalScale is transforming the economics and time constraints of working with big data.

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