Scalable in-memory computing for big data challenges

Deploy workloads at virtually any scale in minutes

Businesses derive value from data in the form of sustained competitive advantage and revenue growth. IT organizations need to provide the tools necessary for business units to rapidly gain insight from data and act quickly on those insights – all while operating within increasingly aggressive operational and capital budget constraints.

TidalScale Software-Defined Server technology revolutionizes how in-memory workloads are deployed by breaking through the physical limitations of traditional server hardware while eliminating the complexity and operational overhead of moving to scale-out solutions. The result is massively scalable systems optimized for in-memory computing that are deployed in minutes, work with the software you have today, and utilize readily available, cost-effective server and networking hardware.

Software-Defined Servers represent a new paradigm for deploying big data workloads.  From in-memory databases and real time IoT data analytics to high-density container environments, TidalScale has a solution for your big data challenges.


Oracle Database

Learn how TidalScale helps you deliver in-memory performance with lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your Oracle platforms.

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Learn how TidalScale helps you deploy SAP HANA with unparalleled scalability on flexible, cost-effective infrastructure

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Data Analytics

Learn how TidalScale helps you analyze big data at in-memory speeds without the complexity and overhead of scale-out platforms.

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Drive your competitive advantage with software-defined in-memory computing