Extreme memory scale to match your largest SAP HANA data sets

In-Memory performance
Cost Effective Infrastructure
Cloud or On-Premises
Massively Scaleable

Composable compute infrastructure for your most challenging SAP HANA deployments.

Today’s businesses use data as a primary vehicle to increase revenue and establish competitive advantage. TidalScale Software-Defined Servers provide IT organizations with the tools they need to deploy the high-performance SAP HANA® in-memory database, at-scale, but still fit within increasingly aggressive IT operational and capital budgets.


Test Drive TidalScale for SAP HANA

Run With Confidence

Deploy SAP HANA on SUSE Ready Certified TidalScale systems built on SAP-approved hardware

Scale-up Simplicity

No complex distributed software development or data partitioning.

Cost-Effective Hardware

Built upon cost-effective Intel Xeon® processor-based 2-socket servers already approved by your IT team.

Cloud or On-Premises

TidalScale Software-Defined Servers can be deployed in the Cloud (IaaS) or on-premises.

Massive Scale

Don’t be bound by scaling limitations of scale-up systems or the complexity and operational costs of scale-out solutions.


Deploy capacity on-demand so your system is always ‘right sized’ for your data