Business insights at the speed of memory from your biggest analytics jobs

In-Memory performance
Cost Effective Infrastructure
Cloud or On-Premises
Massively Scaleable

Deliver the scale and cost-effectiveness of scale-out with the simplicity of scale-up

Data-driven decisions are critical to driving business results. R is a critical tool for data scientists to help organizations derive competitive advantage from their data. TidalScale Software-Defined Servers provide a unique platform for data analysis that delivers a unique combination of in-memory performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness that assure sustained competitive advantage for your business.

Test Drive TidalScale for Data Analytics

In-Memory Performance

Deploy the memory you need, when you need it to deliver insights quickly.

Scale-up Simplicity

No complex distributed software development or data partitioning.

Cost-Effective Infrastructure

Flexibly deploy and re-deploy commodity servers to build systems to fit your data requirements.

Cloud or On-Premises

TidalScale Software-Defined Servers can be deployed in the Cloud (IaaS) or on-premises.

Massive Scale

Don’t be bound by scaling limitations of scale-up systems or the complexity and operational costs of scale-out solutions.