Take TidalScale for a test drive.

Non-disruptively deploy TidalScale on a set of standard servers in your own IT environment, or test it hosted in ours.
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Take TidalScale for a Test Drive

From a single USB key or ISO image, TidalScale can be easily deployed on a set of standard servers in your own IT environment. Give us a call to schedule a trial of TidalScale on Site.

Or would you rather get the benefits of Software-Defined Servers without the hassle of on site deployment? TidalScale on Demand makes deploying Software-Defined Servers even easier with:

  • Configurations ranging from 1TB to 30TB DRAM
  • Core counts ranging from dozens to hundreds
  • 2TB of attached SSD storage per TB of DRAM
  • Further storage by arrangement
  • Pre-configured CentOS, FreeBSD, Linux, Red Hat, or Ubuntu by request

Contact TidalScale today and get started.

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