Always the right size server, with none of the expense or hassle of traditional scaling.

Rely on TidalScale's inverse hypervisor technology to quickly and easily deploy a Software-Defined Server that’s perfectly sized to fit your data set or workload.

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With WaveRunner, virtually anyone can configure and boot a new Software-Defined Server in just three clicks and in less than five minutes.

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  • Oracle
  • Data Science
  • Financial Analytics
  • Simulation
  • Bioinformatics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Infrastructure Management

What Software-Defined Servers Do

Software-Defined Servers pool multiple commodity systems into a single virtual system that matches the size of your computer to the size of your problem. Whether your data center is on-premise or in the cloud, TidalScale lets you right-size your servers on the fly to fit any data set.

TidalScale HyperKernel. The key to right-sizing servers on the fly is TidalScale’s HyperKernel software. The HyperKernel binds multiple physical computers into a single, coherent virtual system that allows you to run an unmodified guest operating system, with no changes to your existing applications required. All the resources associated with the aggregated systems – memory, cores, storage and I/O – are available to you and your application. You can configure them as one system or several.

Inverse Hypervisor Technology

HyperKernel is built on TidalScale's inverse hypervisor technology. Unlike traditional virtualization technology, TidalScale's inverse hypervisor works between the Guest Operating System and bare metal hardware. Low-level and fast, it acts as the hardware level interface to the Guest OS.

But unlike traditional virtualization, where multiple virtual machines run on a single physical server, TidalScale provides a single virtual machine across multiple physical servers. Each Software-Defined Server appears as a single system, even though it may be comprised of dozens of individual servers. This is because the TidalScale HyperKernel couples those physical machines via a standard 10Gb Ethernet network that acts as the resource bus, causing the servers to behave like a single large server.

  • Configures on the fly. Adjust the size of a Software-Defined Server simply by adding and subtracting physical servers.
  • Self-optimizes. HyperKernel uses patented machine learning technology to automatically migrate memory pages and virtual CPUs to where the application needs them to optimize performance.
  • Accelerates application performance. HyperKernel takes advantage of the lower latencies of 10GbE networks and the memory management hardware acceleration in the latest CPUs (Intel’s VT-x and VT-d) to algorithmically and automatically tune the performance of your Software-Defined Server.

Simplify Administration: TidalScale WaveRunner

Use WaveRunner, HyperKernel's point-and-click orchestration software, to quickly and easily configure and boot new Software-Defined Servers on the fly, monitor virtual server status, and control and configure storage and network infrastructure.