TidalScale Named ‘IDC Innovator’

IDC recently recognized TidalScale in “IDC Innovators: Virtualizing Infrastructure with Software-Defined Compute, 2017” for our breakthrough Software-Defined Server platform. In the report, IDC's Jorge Vela called out TidalScale and two other companies for offering “software-defined compute capabilities by way of an innovative technology.”



We think we know why IDC took such a shine to us. Our Software-Defined Server, already in use by financial institutions, automakers and large manufacturers, allows you to right-size a server on the fly to handle any workload. Available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution, TidalScale’s Software-Defined Server offers a way for organizations to right-size one or more servers by combining the resources of one, two, or even dozens of industry-standard systems. With a Software-Defined Server, all the combined memory, cores and I/O are available to your problem or application, which sees these aggregated resources as a single system.

Perhaps you’re looking to solve a workload that’s bigger than your largest server or wanting to make more flexible use of your existing data center resources. Either way, our Software-Defined Server technology provides a fast, flexible and easy way to right-size servers on the fly.

 Download the IDC report to learn why computing pioneer Gordon Bell characterized TidalScale’s Software-Defined Server technology as “the way all servers will be built in the future.”

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