Financial analytics made easy (not to mention fast and flexible).

By enabling a new wave of innovation in scalable computing, TidalScale is making it possible for more organizations to draw insights from big data faster, more easily, and with greater flexibility than ever before.
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TidalScale makes it easy to process large data analytics in real time. Whether using KDB, Python, R or another tool, large model in-memory analytics deliver faster time to insight on intra-day data streams and speed backtesting analysis.

TidalScale's Software-Defined Server solutions make this possible. 

Flexible. Scale up or down as your analytics demands change.

Fast. Accelerate insights by running your problem across multiple standard servers, making all the collective memory on those servers available to solve your problem.

Easy. When you deploy a Software-Defined Server with TidalScale, you run a single instance of your application and OS across standard servers -- no modifications required. It just works.

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