Data Science Made Easy

By enabling a new wave of innovation in scalable computing, TidalScale is making it possible for more organizations to draw insights from big data faster, more easily, and with greater flexibility than ever before.

It's increasingly  challenging to find data patterns and relationships as datasets grow larger and analyses involve a growing number of response variables and potential assocations. This is especially true if your problems outsize the server resources you rely on to run them. 

TidalScale solves this data science dilemma with its breakthrough Software-Defined Server platform. With TidalScale you can:

  • Scale a system to match the size of your analysis
  • Speed data discovery on large datasets and deploy algorithms more quickly 
  • Do all this on standard servers with absolutely no changes to your OS or software -- no hardware investment and none of the time investment associated with rewriting applications for a scale-out infrastructure

Data science tools like Open Source R, Tibco Enterprise R, Python, and SparkML all benefit from the large in-memory, multi-core systems that TidalScale enables. Schedule a test drive today and find out how TidalScale can help you arrive at discoveries sooner -- without the costs of scale-up or the time lost to scale-out.