Business Acceleration on TidalScale:

Sizing, procuring, and installing a 12TB server in one month—not nine.







Quickly size, procure and implement SAP HANA servers without months of costly consulting.


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An industry leader serving customers on six continents, this Fortune 500 heavy equipment manufacturer provides an array of equipment and machinery for forestry, agriculture, construction, sports and more.


As its SAP HANA needs grew, the business found itself facing yet another purchase of an over-$1 million system capable of providing enough memory for increasing workloads. Even worse, the IT group faced months of costly server sizing exercises—with a likely consulting price tag $300,000 or more. And it could have taken 9 months or longer to acquire and implement the new system—time that business analysts could be spending on other, more critical projects.


With TidalScale Software-Defined Servers, the company’s IT team is able to quickly create new systems of any size to fit its growing SAP HANA landscape--and that can be procured and implemented in weeks.

Critically, TidalScale was able to accurately size the manufacturer’s database system needs not in six months, but in a single afternoon. TidalScale determined that implementing Software-Defined Servers could save the manufacturer as much as 75% in operating costs compared to a traditional system. Better still, TidalScale was able to deploy the new system in less than a month.

For this customer and others, TidalScale accelerates business processes by enabling organizations to:

• Eliminate the need for expensive sizing exercises, saving hundreds of thousands in consulting fees.

• Accelerate procurement from months to weeks—or even days.

• Cut deployment time by 25X.

• Achieve an average of 44% faster performance than traditional servers at 1/4 the TCO.

• Streamline SAP HANA infrastructure by rapidly provisioning copies of costly large systems from commodity servers for QA, pre-production, production and disaster recovery.

  Test/Sandbox Development Quality Assurance Production High Availability Disaster Recovery
Size Same as Production Minimal to Production Production or Larger Current peak need +4-5 yrs of growth Same as Production Same as Production
Users A handful of Devs & Testers All Devs All Testers Some Devs End Users No users 99% of time No users 99% of time
Performance Minimal Minimal Good Highest Minimal Minimal
Availability Good Good Good Highest High High
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