The TidalScale Story

We're an experienced bunch of industry innovators out to change the computing industry.


This isn't our first rodeo.

All of us here at TidalScale have been involved in shaping the computing landscape. We’ve designed, developed and deployed some of the most important and successful systems and services in the history of the computing industry - internet, Ethernet, operating systems, programming languages and microprocessors. Our elite team has collectively earned dozens of patents, three film credits and grown record setting businesses. And collectively, we've shipped more than 2 billion licensed products. We are difference makers who have a reputation for delivering innovative products and accomplishing what many others don’t believe is even possible. We are truly passionate about making things happen for our customers, partners and investors. We know how to work hard and still have a life.

Making a dent requires adequate backing and TidalScale has the full backing of leaders in the industry: Hummer-Winblad, Bain Capital, Sapphire Ventures, Samsung, CitrixInfosys and a long roster of angel investors.

We aim to make a dent in the universe. Perhaps you're a dent maker yourself. If so, and if you want to join a team that is making a real difference, drop us a line.