TidalScale is making the promise of Software-Defined Servers a reality

Software-Defined Data Center

The TidalScale Vision

TidalScale was created based on a single trend and one simple premise. The trend is the massive growth of data and the need for businesses to effectively monetize that data. The simple premise is that in-memory computing is the most powerful tool to derive insights from that data and the foundation of in-memory computing is, well… memory. Lots of memory.

Today’s systems are a tapestry of patches to account for the lack of adequate system memory – multi-processor system architectures, caches, tiered storage, non-volatile memory, high speed interconnects and the list goes on. TidalScale’s goal was to deliver as much memory as users required using commodity compute and networking hardware with unmodified applications and operating systems. The result is the industry’s first application of machine learning principles below the application layer to deliver systems with the simple software model of scale up architectures, but the cost-effective scalability of scale-out clusters: Software-Defined Servers.


Who Are We?

The TidalScale team has spent their careers shaping today’s data center landscape. We have designed, developed and deployed some of the most important, successful systems and services in the industry – The Internet, Ethernet networking, operating systems, virtualization, programming languages, microprocessors, supercomputers, and more. Our team has collectively been granted dozens of patents, built businesses measured in billions of dollars per year and even earned three film credits. They share a passion for making things happen for customers, partners, and investors; delivering innovative products; and achieving what some do not believe is even possible.

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