Bioinformatics without limits.

Assemble larger genomes with more accurate results and perform genomic analyses across populations faster and more easily.

Bioinformatics and Next Generation Assembly tools require lots of memory to achieve the best accuracy. These memory requirements make it challenging to manage and analyze larger genomes, and to compare genomes across populations (a particular challenge for those studying plant genomes, which are five to eight times larger larger than human genomes). 

TidalScale makes it easy to stage and process bioinformatics data by letting scientists simply load all the data into the memory of a single system for multistep genomics process and analysis. No more copying genomics data files across multiple servers or having to stage interim results to storage. Simplifying your assembly workflow means you get results faster using your favorite tools. In precision medicine, that can mean patients have better outcomes quicker. Pharmaceutical companies can speed drug development and, at the same time, reduce failure rates.

Because TidalScale systems can be sized as needed, the entire genomics process can happen in a single TidalScale system -- no matter what size data sets are involved. Test drive TidalScale on your own data sets to discover how to break through your memory bottleneck.