Big data has finally met its match.

With TidalScale, achieve results faster on any workload or application--without making a single software change.

Whether you're running Oracle DB, SAP HANA or AnyLogic, TidalScale has you covered. Now you can scale to the size of your problem, provisioning and releasing servers as workloads fluctuate, and cost-effectively grow along with your needs. And because your can scale problems across standard commodity servers, you can drive down costs without tying yourself to specific computing platforms.

What’s more, IT can now scale virtually any big data problem and application across hundreds of servers -- even many of those older servers you were certain you'd have to replace. And software licensing costs? You can manage those better as well, because you don't have need to ramp up your core count just to acquire the memory you need.

See for yourself what TidalScale can do for your data center and for:

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