Software-Defined Servers

Combine multiple physical servers into a single virtual server to meet in-memory application needs

Can I run my applications on my entire data set?

Will the solution scale with my problem size?

Why TidalScale?

These questions arise throughout analytics, data mining, and simulation. The simplest way to run these applications is to run them on a single server with a single memory space and one or more processors. However, when an application’s memory requirements exceed the available memory the application may not run. The option to “Scale Up” to ever larger servers is often too expensive, so the industry has evolved to a “Scale Out” approach involving newer technologies to help users slice their problems into pieces small enough to run on affordable servers. Users scale out by simply adding more servers. But, there are often significant operational and development costs to do this.

TidalScale offers the best of both worlds: it is both user-friendly like Scale Up and grows at linear cost like Scale Out.

The TidalScale proprietary HyperKernel binds multiple commodity servers into a single virtual machine that can host systems like Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows. It meets Big Data requirements with a virtual supercomputer able to run unmodified applications on entire unmodified data sets, all on commodity servers.



Aggregate compute resources for large scale in-memory analysis and decision support

Scale like a cluster using commodity hardware at linear cost

Allow customers to grow gradually as their needs develop



Dramatically simplifies application development

No need to distribute work across servers

Existing applications run as a single instance, without modification, as if on a highly flexible mainframe



Automatic dynamic hierarchical resource optimization



Applicable to modern and emerging microprocessors, memories, interconnects, persistent storage & networks

Computing Challenges are Growing in Size

TidalScale gives you the ability to scale without complexity. You simply run your existing applications, with no modifications, and scale your computer system as your problem grows.

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Dr. Ike Nassi Named Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer CAMPBELL, Calif., April 19, 2016  — TidalScale, the leader in software-scaled computing today announced it has appointed Gary Smerdon as President and Chief Executive Officer. TidalScale Founder Dr. Ike Nassi will assume the roles of Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer. “TidalScale… Read More

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Ike Nassi, the founder and CEO of TidalScale, will speak at The Machine Learning Conference in New York City on April 15, 2016. In advance of Ike’s talk, “Scaling Spark — Vertically”, Ike was interviewed by Nick Vasiloglou, the Technical Chair of MLConf.

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Transparently scales a virtual system to the size needed by large data problems

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Company launches in vXchnge’s award-winning Silicon Valley data center, increasing confidence and security to TidalScale customers

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