Software-Defined Servers

  • “This is the way all servers will be built in the future.”

    Gordon Bell, Industry Visionary.
  • “Demonstrating the simplicity of running TidalScale on a leading public cloud platform is another important step for the company establishing the value of its hyper-kernel based “Software-Defined Server.”

    Peter Christy, Research Director, 451 Research.
  • “TidalScale’s ability to pool physical servers into a single virtual server is unique in the industry and provides breakthrough performance while requiring zero modifications to applications.”

    Gary Smerdon, CEO, TidalScale
  • “Software-Defined Servers make it easy to run memory-intensive applications like data mining, machine learning and simulation.”

    Marc Jones, Director & Distinguished Engineer, IBM
  • “TidalScale-based systems can scale dynamically and at linear cost, as application needs evolve, without the need for costly hardware investments or time-consuming software rewrites.”

    Ritika Suri, Executive Vice President at Infosys
  • “We were able to create a single 15TB server from a collection of standard servers”

    Marc Jones, Director & Distinguished Engineer, IBM
  • “TidalScale is radically changing the computing landscape through its innovative technology that enables the dynamic and seamless scaling of compute power and performance,”

    Dr. Ike Nassi, Founder, Chairman, & CTO, TidalScale


Always exactly the right size.


As much memory & as many cores as you need.


Your applications & OS just work.

The Future of Computing

By enabling a new wave of innovation in scalable computing, TidalScale is making it possible for more organizations to draw insights from big data faster, more easily, and with greater flexibility than ever before.

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We are truly passionate about making things happen for our customers, partners and investors.

Ike Nassi
Ike Nassi
Dr. Ike Nassi is the founder of TidalScale. His distinguished career includes success in large companies, start-ups, and academia. Ike was the EVP and Chief Scientist at SAP when the category of in-memory databases was established. Ike helped start three companies: Encore Computer, a pioneer in symmetric multiprocessors; InfoGear Technology, which developed Internet appliances and services; and Firetide, a wireless mesh networking company. Ike was the EVP and head of software development at Apple Computer and also held executive positions at Cisco and DEC. Ike continues to be an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at UC Santa Cruz, and a founding trustee at the Computer History Museum. Ike holds multiple patents and has a BS, Masters, and PhD in computer science from Stony Brook University.
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Gary Smerdon
Gary Smerdon
Gary is an accomplished executive with a proven track record of being a difference maker -- identifying opportunities and driving the successful business execution. As the EVP & Chief Strategy Officer of Fusion-io, Gary led the development of the company strategy and drove the $1.3 billion dollar acquisition of Fusion-io by SanDisk. Gary was SVP and GM of the Accelerated Solutions Division at LSI, an internal startup he founded and led to over $100M in two years. Gary has been a visionary throughout his career having been directly involved with the first high-speed personal computer and conceived and executed on the breakthrough concept of networking as standard feature in PCs. Gary holds three patents and is a graduate of Duke University with a BSEE.
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David Reed
David Reed
Chief Scientist
Dr. David P. Reed has made a career of designing advanced systems before others realized it was even possible. As part of the original Internet protocol design team, David's architectural contributions included the UDP protocol design, the “slash” in TCP/IP, and formulation of the End-to-End Argument as its primary protocol design principle. As VP and Chief Scientist at Lotus Development Corporation, David led many product breakthroughs, including cracking the 640K barrier in Lotus 1-2-3, establishing a new paradigm of in-memory analysis and simulation. He was an HP Fellow at HP, and a SVP at SAP Research. David has consulted widely on technology strategy to industry and the US government.  David holds many patents and has four degrees MIT in EE and CS including his PhD.
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“Software-Defined Servers make it easy to run memory-intensive applications like data mining, machine learning and simulation.” Marc Jones, Director & Distinguished Engineer, IBM
Watch Open Data Science Conference Keynote